Interpreting the Meaning of the Islamic New Year in the Current Situation

Just few days ago, we Indonesian were celebrating our 75th year of Independence, and today for us Muslims is the Islamic New Year. The calendar itself marked from the journey of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his followers from Mecca to Medina. The journey famously known as Hijra or Hijrah, meaning “departure” or “migration”.

In modern culture we like to interpret the meaning of Hijrah as to change (either physically or mentally) to something better. This year, we are remembering the Hijrah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in the middle of a situation that we have never faced before. We should use this momentum to deep dive the meaning of Hijrah because it’s more than just to change, Hijrah can be:

  • To be flexible and adaptable
  • To be courageous
  • To strategize to win
  • To be agile yet resilient

Let’s use the spirit of Hijrah and Independence Day to win the competition, to win the battle and face a new and better world ahead.

For teams and organizations, form stronger bond and teamwork. Use your empathy.

For businesses, let’s do partnership and use our strength to create new products and innvovations.

For everyone, let’s take part on this fight with the pandemic. Always follow the health and safety protocols.

Happy Islamic New Year 1442 H. May Allah always guide and shower His blessing to us.

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